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    To be done pre and/or post wod –

    Try to do this at least 3 times during the week

    If you are unsure on the movements please ask one of the coaches. Please ensure you replace ALL mobility gear after use.

    Myofascial release

    1. Foam rolling – thoracic and upper lats (upper back) – 2 mins

    2. Foam rolling – IT Band – 2 mins each side

    3. Lacrosse ball against wall – glutes

    Banded joint distractions

    1. Banded shoulder distractions – 1 min each side

    2. Banded ankle distractions – 1 min each side

    3. Banded hip distraction – 2 mins each side – lunge position, band in inner groin pulling hip out of joint

    Muscle stretch

    1. Couch stretch – 2 mins each side

    2. Pigeon pose – 2 mins each side

    3. Puppy dog – 2 mins


    1 Length Bunny Hops

    1 Length Walking Hip Hinges

    1 Length Single Leg Hip Hinges

    Accumulate 1 min in a Handstand , 20 Press Ups and 20 Pass Throughs


    Toes to Bar

    Kipping HSPU

    EMOM 12

    Min 1 – X Consecutive toes to bar

    Min 2 – 5 Kipping HSPU

    Min 3 – 3 HIgh Hang Squat Snatch with PVC – recap from yesterday

    WOD PREP –

    Partner A Specific Warm Up and WOD and then Partner B

    EMOM 2- Bar only

    5 Deadlifts

    7 Push Press

    3 Rounds in 4 mins of increasing weight and intensity

    3 Deadlifts

    7 Push Press

    2 mins final prep


    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

    Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of:

    Competition –

    3 deadlifts

    7 push presses

    Men: 125kg deadlift, 50kg push press

    Women: 85kg deadlift, 30kg push press

    Fitness –

    AMRAP 5

    3 deadlifts

    7 push presses

    Men: 85kg deadlift, 35g push press

    Women: 55kg deadlift, 25Kg push press

    Health –

    AMRAP 5

    3 deadlifts

    7 push presses

    Men: 50Kg deadlift, 20g push press

    Women: 35kg deadlift, 15Kg push press

    This workout is moderately heavy and very fast. Pick loads that are challenging but still allow you to complete each set unbroken. If you are unsure of loading, go lighter and go faster.


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