• Tuesday 13/02/2018

    CrossFit Kwetu – CrossFit


    To be done pre and post wod –

    Try to do this at least 3 times during the week

    If you are unsure on the movements please ask one of the coaches. Please ensure you replace ALL mobility gear after use.

    Myofascial release

    1. Foam rolling – thoracic and upper lats (upper back) – 2 mins

    2. Foam rolling – IT Band – 2 mins each side

    3. Lacrosse ball against wall – glutes

    Banded joint distractions

    1. Banded shoulder distractions – 1 min each side

    2. Banded ankle distractions – 1 min each side

    3. Banded hip distraction – 2 mins each side – lunge position, band in inner groin pulling hip out of joint

    Muscle stretch

    1. Couch stretch – 2 mins each side

    2. Pigeon pose – 2 mins each side

    3. Puppy dog – 2 mins


    Mins 0 – 5 AMRAP

    10 Pass throughs

    10 knee to elbow (5 each side)

    10 Kipping swings

    10 Shoulder taps in front support position

    Mins 6 – 10 AMRAP

    3 Strict pull ups with 2s pause at top

    2 Wall walks

    5 Press ups

    Mins 11 – 13

    10 Handstand shoulder taps or transfer weight from side to side

    5 Tuck jumps


    10 Mins technique focus. 5 Mins on each

    Kipping HSPU

    Bar Muscle Ups

    Ascending Ladder EMOM

    1 HSPU, 1 Bar MU – 2 HSPU, 2 Bar MU – 3 HSPU, 3 Bar MU etc etc

    Scaling options –

    HSPU – Knees on box

    Bar MU – Jumping Bar MU (Maintain tension in the hollow position as you drive the bar down)


    Box jumps

    Toes to bar

    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

    For max reps T2B

    Every 90s for 6 rounds perform –

    15 Box Jumps

    Max Toes to Bar

    Scale to 1 min of box jumps.

    Scale toes to bar to knees to elbow or keen raises

    Pace yourself as your score is the lowest number of Toes to Bar that you perform across the 6 sets.


    If you in round 1 you do 10 toes to bar and do 10 in every round until the last when you do 4 reps. You score will be 4!

    This is a good chance to work on your pacing and not going off too quickly.

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