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    In the remaining time perform as much of this as possible. Work first on the areas in which you are weak.

    Myofascial release

    1. Foam rolling – Quads – 2 mins

    2. Foam rolling – Upper Back – 2 mins

    3. Lacrosse ball against wall or barbell in rack- Tricep

    Banded joint distractions

    1. Banded groin distraction lying down, weight holding knee down, band pulling groin up – 2 mins

    2. Banded ankle distractions – 1 min each side

    3. Banded hip distraction – 2 mins each side – Band around ankle, lying on floor, band pulling leg out!

    Muscle stretch

    1. Hamstring stretch – Deep hamstring stretch elevated on a box with weight. Roll your vertebrae down and up. 2-3 mins.

    2. Choose 2 front rack stretches – 2 mins each (triceps, shoulders, lats, thoracic – can use a bar)

    3. Bridge – Accumulate 2 Mins

    Dynamic movements –

    1. Goblet squats with release – use weight to pull your butt over your heels and get your torso more upright. In this position put the weight down and MAINTAIN THE SAME UPRIGHT TORSO. Repeat x 5 for 20-30s each time.

    2. Sotts Press – Use a bar or PVC and in the bottom of an OHS perform 5-7 presses x 3-4 sets.

    3. Climb up against the wall. Get your noes and toes as close to the wall as possible but leave your hands a little further away. This creates a dynamic stretch in the shoulders and upper back.


    3 x

    7 Sotts press from power position – PVC or bar only only

    10 KB Swings

    10 Kipping swings


    EMOM 15

    Min 1 – 6-8 reps Weighted ring dips OR ring dips OR ring stability in support positions

    Min 2 – 2 x 3 Kipping swings – i) shoulder drive, ii) shoulder drive, iii) hips to bar – arms straight throughout

    Min 3 – 20s in bridge


    Power snatch

    PVC Tempo power snatches

    4 rounds of –

    High hang power snatch

    Low hang power snatch

    Full power snatch

    Increase weight to working weight for the WOD

    Metcon (Time)

    7 rounds for time of:

    Competition –

    5 power snatches (60/43)

    1 sub-0:40 200-m sprint – up the hill

    Fitness –

    5 power snatches (50/35)

    1 sub-0:50 200-m sprint

    Health –

    5 rounds for time of:

    5 power snatches (30/20)

    1 sub-1:00 200-m sprint

    If the sprint takes longer than 40 seconds, redo it before moving back to the snatch.


    TIME CAP – 21 Mins


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