• Hit&Run Thursday 1


    2) Christmas Party at Lake House Tigoni 1pm – 6pm Sat 24th Nov. 3000 Ksh cash only payment. Limited spaces
    3) Movement, Stability and Prehab Webinar with Dr Jordan Shallow from the US. 9am – 11am Sat Nov 24th. 250 Ksh.
    DanceFit – CrossFit and Dance, who knew! Thursday 7pm, sign up wodify.

    CrossFit Kwetu – Hiit&Run

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    Note your times for the rowing. Gradually get quicker and work out the distance for your rowing in the workout.

    Row 200m

    30 Mountain climbers

    Row 100m

    15 Mountain climbers

    Row 50m

    10 Mountain climbers

    Hiit&Run – Thursday 1 (No Measure)

    Choose a distance you can row in about 20s if you go flat out – 50m, 75m, 100m, 125m

    You have 7 mins to perform 5 rows of that distance – each should be as fast as possible.

    Starting on MIN 8 –

    EMOM 6

    5 tuck jumps, 5 burpees

    Starting on MIN 14 –

    8 Mins

    4 rounds – 45s High Knees, 45s Plank 30s Rest

    TOTAL TIME – 22 Mins

    Cool down

    60s in Frog pose

    60s seated back twist each side

    60s elbow to ankle and open (30s each side)


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