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    To be done pre and/or post wod –

    Try to do this at least 3 times during the week

    If you are unsure on the movements please ask one of the coaches. Please ensure you replace ALL mobility gear after use.

    Myofascial release

    1. Foam rolling – Lats and rear deltoid – 2 mins each side

    2. Foam rolling – Calves – 2 mins on each side. Ensure to get outside and inside

    3. Lacrosse ball on floor – lie on floor with ball behind your shoulder blade and raise your arm straight from hip to over head, thumb pointing up

    Banded joint distractions

    1. Banded knee distractions – 2 mins each side

    2. Banded wrist distraction – 1 min each side

    3. Banded elbow distraction – 1 min each side

    Muscle stretch

    1. Samson stretch – 2 x 30s on each side

    2. Preacher stretch – either straight arms or on elbows (ask your coach if you are not sure)

    3. Hamstrings kneeling with leg straight in front- 2 mins each side

    Dynamic Movement –

    1. Over head duck walks

    2. KB OR DB Windmill – hold a KB or DB in a strong overhead position in 1 hand and with the other hand reach down to the same foot, creating a straight , vertical line between both hands. Great for your lower back.

    3. Wrist release – using a ball roll the heel of your palm and then whilst stretching the fingers back the flexors of the hand and fingers by rolling along

    the under side of your lower arm from wrist to elbow.


    3 x

    Row 100m

    5 paused goblet squats

    10 walking lunges

    5 ankle to elbow and extend both sides


    1) Tempo wall squats on command

    Stand a distance from the wall where you can do a wall squat but you have to focus. Hands apart but over head.

    Listen to the coach who will lead you through 10 Wall Squats and check your form and movement

    2) Back squat with bar

    3) Paused back squat with weights, 3 x 3 build weight

    Back Squat (1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1)

    20 Mins to build weight and perform 7 heavy singles.

    All working sets should be done at 80% + of 1 rep max.

    Less experienced athletes should do sets of 3 – 5 and focus on form and movement.

    Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

    AMRAP 9

    Competition –

    4 Alternating leg forward rolls to pistol

    1 Legless rope climb

    30s in L sit on rings

    Fitness –

    4 Forward rolls

    1 Rope climb

    20s in L sit on rings or from bar

    Health –

    4 Sit up to stand

    1 clamp and stand

    20s floor L sit

    Score is your total number of reps. 1 sec = 1 rep.

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