• CrossFit Components & The Role of Conditioning

    CrossFit Components & The Role of Conditioning


    In the earlier blogs we mentioned some of the many components of CrossFit; the components needed for one to be a great athlete: strength, endurance, flexibility and stamina, achieved by training; agility, balance, accuracy, coordination and balance achieved by practicing; and power and speed achieved by both training and practice.

    To improve our performance, it helps to understand what each component really means so that we understand why we do what we do; it all starts in the mind. Then we can understand how to make our better the best. We will delve more into this in coming blogs.

    I start by discussing the role conditioning plays in building endurance. A very key form of exercise that is often misunderstood or overlooked. While many might be focusing on high intensity (therefore less volume) we tend to give less notice to the usefulness of  lower intensity (higher volume) WODs.

    For those who have been around the box of late, conditioning has become a buzzword with the Open taking place – not in vain.

    I tried myself to understand how to simplify the idea of conditioning and the closest word was “cardio”. This can be done in a number of ways; from longer WODs with slightly lower intensity – or WODs with high intensity but rest time may be in built or even maximal cardiac output WODs. For instance: sprinting, where your rest time between each sprint gets shorter,or, a combination of rowing, burpees, kettlebell swings and the like performed as quickly as possible. All these conditioning exercises build endurance. With endurance, an athlete in the Open will have a higher capacity to ‘bear’ the high load/ intensity events. The usefulness of running in building our endurance and raising our lactic acid threshold cannot be overlooked and is something I will return to in more detail in coming weeks.

    In fact, are not these, after all, the same components we need to make it in life amid the many loads of work, family and community. It goes without saying, why crossfitters are highly ambitious people.

    To sum up, while you continue to thrive in the strength building, do not overlook the days you need your runners, and be ready to wear them out.

    Come and support the teams which Kwetu has ‘conditioned’ to compete in the Open in the Friday Night Lights which began on February 24th. BBQ at 300 Kes only!


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